Spartan Academy instructors

An uncompromising attitude, reliability and a professional working ethic are the trademarks of our team.


Antti Nurmi

I have worked for the last 25 years of my career with the toughest experts in fitness and martial arts training, educating at hundreds of events all around the world. Army, police, firefighters and athletes in the fitness industry. Hong Kong, Ghana, Nigeria, USA, Thailand, Kuwait, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, England…the list is ever-growing.

Based on experience and lesson learned in the field, I will keep developing the Spartan Academy instructor training to provide the industry with the best and most up-to-date training in fitness and combat sports. I also provide expert instruction in Spartan Academy Kettlebell and Functional Fitness training.

Areas of expertise

  • Functional training
  • Kettlebells
  • PT-training
  • Strength Coach training
  • Body weight training
  • Fighter training
  • Self-defense and martial arts training

Abdullah Alawadi

Bodyweight training combines different training methods in an ever-evolving fashion. As a Spartan Academy head coach, I bring my own way of thinking into the field of bodyweight training and provide you with the latest insights and developments in that field.

I pursue both bodyweight and fitness training with a burning passion. Goal-oriented and progressive training are hall-marks of mine.

Areas of expertise

  • Spartan Academy Middle East head coach.
  • TFW Kuwait head coach
  • Boot camp expert
  • Karate Black Belt
  • Fitness promotion in media (TV, social media)

Johanna Forsström

At Spartan Academy, I will train you using the latest, effective training methods. As a strength sports competitor backed by my BSS degree, I provide expert training in the fields of strength, bodyweight and restorative techniques.

As a professional, my main goal is to provide systematic coaching for top athletes and for those who aspire to train like them. My primary focus is in developing fitness and well-being in all my athletes.

Areas of expertise

  • Bachelor of Sport Studies, specialization in Coaching
  • European Champion 2th, 2017, -47 kg, classic powerlifting
  • European Champion 3th, 2017, -52 kg, classic bench press
  • Finnish Champion 2th, 2017, -52 kg, classic powerlifting
  • Finnish Champion 2th, 2016, -52 kg, classic bench press
  • Finnish Champion winner, 2017, classic bench press
  • Finnish Champion winner 2014 & Finnish Champion 2th 2015-2017, -52kg, maximum power press
  • Finnish Champion winner at chin-ups, 2013
  • Finnish Champion winner, 2013 (women -55 kg Finnish record) at power chin-ups

Petri Halonen

I work as strength and physical coach for professional athletes and as a manual therapist (pre- and post-operative rehabilitation) in one of the largest private hospitals in Finland. I keep up to date on the latest research and implement it in my line of work.

From junior to top-level athlete, my background in physical performance training and manual therapy complement each other for optimal results. I provide the expertise and physical training skills necessary to teach you how to create systematic training programs both for yourself and the athletes you coach.

Areas of expertise

  • Strength &Conditioning coach (ice hockey, alpine skiing, basketball, combat sports)
  • Naprapath D.N.
  • Prehab & post-operative rehabilitation and manual therapy
  • Movement and mobility specialist

Petri Litmanen

A career spanning over 25 years in martial arts and over a decade of functional training have built a solid base of training and coaching. 

I have written several books and hundreds of pages of articles, compiled guides and filmed a multitude of videos, all of which has helped me solidify my understanding in the fields of combat sports and functional training. Learning is a never-ending journey, and I invite you to join me in my quest to provide you with the ability to define your own goals and training strategies.

Areas of expertise

  • Functional training
  • Kettlebells
  • PT-training and coaching
  • Strength coach training
  • Bodyweight training
  • Fighter Training
  • Self-defense and martial arts
  • Mental coaching

Hannu Vappula

I have been coaching martial arts for two decades. My trainees have won World Champion titles many times over. In my coaching, I combine functional training with effective and versatile fighting drills. This has proven to be the way to create winners.

I am also a professional trainer for security personnel. Operation safety comes through good condition and physical health.

Areas of expertise

  • Multiple Finnish Championships in Thaiboxing
  • WMC Union Professional Nordic Champion
  • Coach of several Thaiboxing Finnish Champions, Nordic Champions, European Champions and World Champions winners.
  • Certified trainer in the use of force and firearms for law enforcement
  • SJKD and Defendo instructor